Finding—NO—MAKING time to write

I take EVERY opportunity I can to write. Having a full time day job that is reasonably demanding means that I HAVE to, if I want to write more than one paragraph every six months.

I tried and failed to set up a morning writing routine (as suspected, I’m not a morning person AT ALL). I often use my lunch breaks to sit in a cafe or even in my car to write. I have a portable desk that I use in the lounge room every night (I’ve attempted to set up a writing studio, but it turns out I suffer from Fear-Of-Missing-Out and also have an addiction to trashy TV). I set aside as much time as possible on weekends to write in blocks. I use any long car trip to write (thank you to my husband for always driving and thank heavens I don’t get car sick—much).

As you can imagine, I end up writing in the oddest places—bathrooms, doctor’s surgeries, shopping centres, trains, cars, planes, ships (basically on every mode of transportation bar bicycles!). Because I no longer write anything long-hand this means lugging my laptop around with me EVERYWHERE. But NO LONGER.

When I purchased my last iPhone I was THRILLED to discover the Pages app—an app that basically operates like Microsoft Word (and also allows you to import and export Microsoft Word documents). Whereas before I would capture my story ideas in the notes app on my iPhone (basically never to be seen or heard from again), I can now literally write an ENTIRE story on my iPhone without worrying about losing the functionality of Microsoft Word.

Thank you Steve Jobs or Tim Cook or whichever faceless techie came up with this app at Apple (not saying there isn’t an Android equivalent, but all of my IT equipment is Apple, so I’m OVERJOYED when they make any steps forward with word processing). And speaking of steps forward—in an attempt to increase my productivity I’ve bought a portable keyboard for my iPhone (the COOLEST little gadget around—would make a great Christmas present… JUST SAYING).

I currently have two manuscripts on the go (super unusual for me, being a monogamous writer)—one I’m writing on my computer and the other on my iPhone. I feel like I’m pitting one against the other in a fight to the death at the moment and to be perfectly honest, the manuscript on the iPhone currently has the other manuscript in a headlock and is beating it senseless. There are studies that show standing up and moving around while working increases your creativity. Perhaps this is why I think my iPhone manuscript may just be MY BEST ONE YET…


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