My Muse is TOTALLY sick

I hope everyone’s getting a bit of a break from school or work during the holidays. I have to say there’s NOTHING like a bit of down time to get the creative juices flowing. I had an epiphany the last time I was sick. I had a middle ear infection (I know, totally TMI), but, in addition to discovering I had a dodgy eustachian tube, I also found out there’s A LOT to be said about lying around, doped up on promethazine, to light the spark of inspiration.

The infection had been festering (again with the TMI) for about six weeks, which had slowed me down considerably. My hand eye coordination was about a good as a newborn foal’s (which isn’t good at all when you consider they have hooves, not hands) and my brain felt like it was swimming underwater—not to mention my hearing being completely shot.

But, on a non-hypochondriac note, the lethargy seemed to wake up my muse (it seems he or she or it feels stifled by my fully functioning brain). I suddenly had more ideas for novels than I’d had in the past two years—and many actually withstood the broad daylight test (this is my mandatory test for ideas that arrive in the middle of the night, i.e. do they sound just as MINDBLOWINGLY AWESOME in the morning?).

As a result, I almost plotted an entire three book series while lying flat on my back on the couch. The moral of this story is NOT to stock up on prescription drugs. The moral is to stop—not to smell the roses (because that in itself is a distraction). Just STOP. STOP checking your emails and social networks incessantly. STOP thinking about that load of washing that needs to be put on. STOP trying to beat a world record for fastest response time to text messages.

I find in these moments you can finally hear your muse, whispering the stories to you. Or perhaps it was just a side effect of the promethazine…


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