Changes coming! Website moving! Make sure you don’t miss out!

So sorry about my absence – brought about by a career move, a new children’s manuscript and (drumroll, please!) A NEW WEBSITE FOR WRITE ALL THE BOOKS!

The new site (due to be launched in the coming months) will be a lot more user-friendly in terms of being able to share what I have learned about writing, getting published and promoting. There will be a bunch of free courses that you can take on these topics, which I am PREEEEETTY excited about!

I’m going to do my best to carry subscribers over to the new website – but in the event that this doesn’t happen (I often forget that I’m a writer, not a web designer), I encourage those who are interested to sign up to the mailing list. This means you will receive any announcements about a new site and will continue to be alerted to new content (unless you unsubscribe, of course!).

Just pop your details in the following form.

Thanks for following the site!



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