Hi there! Thanks for coming to my blog. I guess you clicked on this page to find out a bit about me, so HERE WE GO:

I’ve LOVED books since my grandpa read me THE THREE LITTLE PIGS over and over again as a kid.

I was first published AGED SEVEN… in my school yearbook. It was a poem about the old lady who swallowed a fly. In a plot twist, the old lady swallowed me and I played her ribs like a xylophone.

It stood to reason that my first book would be a rhyming picture book. I self published A LOT OF THINGS in 2005. It was illustrated by my mum, Pauline Jonach — a tertiary qualified artist.

While working as a journalist at The Canberra Times, I wrote THE FRANK FRANKIE — a story about a little girl who starts her own newspaper. In late 2006, I was offered a two-book deal by Pan Macmillan Australia for THE FRANK FRANKIE and its sequel FRANKIE GOES TO FRANCE (yippee!).

The books — which are suited to age groups seven and up — were released in 2007 and 2008 respectively, and have since been re-released as eBooks by Macmillan Digital. In 2009, Frankie goes to France was also re-published by Macmillan Education.

I’ve been all over — speaking at schools, hospitals, libraries and festivals in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. I’ve also been featured in a variety of media, including The Canberra Sunday Times, The Herald Sun, and ABC Television.

My debut young adult novel WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT (AND WE WERE IN LOVE) was published by global imprint Strange Chemistry in September 2013. The novel was represented by US agent Meredith Kaffel from DeFiore and Company. When Strange Chemistry closed (I know, DEVASTATED!) and its parent company was sold in late 2014, I decided to request a rights reversion and self-publish WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLAT (AND WE WERE IN LOVE). I’VE since released a second young adult novel, IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS US.

I’d love to hear from you—leave me a comment on the blog, or connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.

Here are a few fun facts in the meantime:

  • By the time I finished high school, I’d lived in nine houses and attended eight schools.
  • I once owned a goat — AND a rabbit, a rooster, a mouse and ducks. AND a caterpillar until it turned into a moth. I called it Gutsy.
  • My dad lives in the US. And so does my sister Kara.
  • I’m a dual citizen of Australia and Austria (yes, they are two different countries and only one of them has kangaroos).
  • I have two older brothers who have served in the Navy and the Air Force. I considered enlisting in the Army for a millisecond of a second.
  • I love Elvis Presley and have written on his wall at Graceland. I’ve also attended the world renowned Elvis Festival in Parkes, New South Wales. No, I didn’t dress up as Priscilla.
  • My mum and stepdad are both visual artists. (My stepdad sadly passed away in early 2010.)
  • My step-cousin is bestselling novelist Di Morrissey.